Oeiras | By the time of Marques de Pombal


24 de Junho 2013 (Monday)                                                                                      

It uses to advantage!

Come and enjoy very pleasant moments in a very charming place as Marques de Pombal did.

Good food, good wine, good music, amusement and joy.

Oeiras’ Rotarians will be pleased to welcome you.

The Marques de Pombal’s Gardens and Palace


Its construction is placed in the second half of century XVIII and is a project of  Carlos Mardel, architect Hungarian that had a prevailed role in the reconstruction of Lisbon, after the 1755 earthquake.

The interior of the palace shows the magnificent decorative sets of the Pombal’s period, in special of plasters and tiles.

On the back of the palace spaces, decorated with statues and busts of marble, small barriers (muretos) of coated tile staircases are developed. In the gardens, crossed for the stream of the Lage, deserve prominence the cascade of the Poets, with excellent busts of Machado Castro and the set of the building of “lagares” of oil and cellar.

The gardens of this palace represents what was the art of the landscape drawing in Portugal and the concept of garden art in the XVIII century in Europe, but remaining themselves faithful to a Portuguese tradition that produces since the XVI century, the Farms of Muff.


1:  Transport will be provided from the Convention Center to Oeiras

Departure Hour – 5 pm

2:  Oeiras arrival: 5, 45 pm

3:  Rotarians are welcome in the Marquis de Pombal’s Palace for a guided tour:

Palace – Chapel – Concord Room – Marquis supper room – Gardens of the Palace and Poets Cascade.  Exit for the north door of the Garden in direction to the light truck.

4:  7 pm - Arrival at the “Butter’s Farm” (Cellar Conde de Oeiras of the “Carcavelos Wine”), for a welcome music moment by the Oeiras/Cascais Quartet

5: Visit to the “Butter’s Farm” and the cellar Conde Oeiras, for a drink.

6: 8 pm - A typical Portuguese Supper (food and drink) with  Folklore and Fado. Delivery of an Oeiras souvenir.

7: 10, 30 pm - Farewell and transport to the Rotarian’s Hotels.

Cost:  55  €  /person

Capacity=  52  People

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  1. Will we receive a response to know if there is a spot available for us before we wire transfer the funds for this event? I’m concerned about getting the funds back easily if this fills up and we’ve already sent the money.

    • Please contact the club rotary.club.oeiras.d1960@gmail.com before proceding with the wire transfer.

  2. Hello,
    If there are tickets available, we would like to purchase 4.
    Thank you.

  3. Do you still have tickets available? We could be 8 of us
    RC Lausanne, Switzerland

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