Fado – Cultural Heritage

A unique venue.

An exclusively Portuguese musical gender.

One of the best Fado singers in Portugal.

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Campo Pequeno – The VenueCampo Pequeno 4-10-2007 003

Campo Pequeno is one of the most exquisite venues in Lisbon city center. Built in 1892 this uniquely beautiful bullfight arena is a landmark of Lisbon and in special occasions can be transformed in a concert hall, such as for the Unforgeatable Fado Night during the Lisbon Convention.

One cannot enter Campo Pequeno and ignore that this is indeed one of the most breathtaking venues Portugal can offer.

Bellow the venue, underground there is a shoping mall with small shops where you can find almost everything as well as a big square for food & beverage that offers to it visitors a place to relax, eat and shop.

Fado – Intangible Cultural Heritage

Fado is a unique Portuguese music style. Fado songs are usually performed by a solo singer (fadista) and accompanied by a classical guitar and a Portuguese guitar. Fado was distinguished as Intangible Cultural Heritage by UNESCO in 2011.

Fado is a way for the Portuguese people to express their feelings about various topics with a unique sound worldwide. This is an experience not to be missed!

carminho_2Carminho – The Fado Singer

I might not know who you are, but I know who I am.”

And things could be no different, when someone who sings these words is someone who has always perceived Fado to be her destiny, but who was only able to openly admit it after she truly understood who she was.

In 2009, Carminho sang “Fado”. This was her fado, the one she owned since an early age, when she listened to her parents’ records, when she witnessed the gathering of fado singers in her own house and when, still a teenager, she began to sing in the Taverna do Embuçado. This “Fado” was the title of her first album, which was one of the most awaited albums in the new generation of fado singers: for those who had already heard Carminho, her talent was obvious, but they had to wait – until she finished her graduation, until she travelled the world, until she knew who she really was.

Carminho is without any doubt one of the best fado singers ever.

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  1. Would like cost and date information.

  2. I think “Fado” is an expression of so strong feelings that comes out as if the soul itself could sing. For sure, it will be un Unforgetable Night.

  3. For many years I used to listen your short wave radio station and was in love with your music. I am sure Fado will be great!!!

  4. I would like to order two tickets please.
    Cathy Henry

    • https://pco.abreu.pt/CLIENTES/abreu/formularios/form_5630709004.php

  5. Quiero asistir a este evento

  6. Looking forward for this. Would like to have ticket together with Judy Parslow from Australia is possible.

  7. What is the price to attend Fado?

    • All information about the Host Events as well as the registration form can be found here: /events/

  8. Would like an evening for Fado for my wife and I, giving us a chance to participate in the Portuguese culture. Please send more information.

    • Register here: https://pco.abreu.pt/CLIENTES/abreu/formularios/form_5630709004.php

    • You can book you tickets using the following link: https://pco.abreu.pt/CLIENTES/abreu/formularios/form_5630709004.php
      See you in Lisbon!!!

  9. what is fado? is it only singing or some other perfomance. what is the cost. how we will go to the venue. .may be worthy but after seen the show the coments will be given.

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