International Opera Contest

The International Opera Contest is one of the four Host Events available to all registrants in the Lisbon Convention who wish to enroll.

This event will happen in the Teatro Nacional S√£o Carlos, one of the most beautiful theatre rooms in all Lisbon. There you’ll see performances from incredible young lyric singers from all around the world.

Apart from constituting a stimulus for young professionals, the International Rotary Opera Contest also intends to support them in their endeavors to pursue the ever necessary artistic studies that go hand in hand with successful careers as professional singers. This is the reason why this contest will award more than 25.000USD in scholarships. The young opera singers will perform together with the full Portuguese Orquestra.

Our wish is to provide yet another international platform for the promotion of young talented singers in search for their opportunity in the extremely competitive world of opera. We also aim to bring wide audiences closer to this form of artistic expression and to those trying to succeed in it as serious professionals. We hope you will enjoy the music as well as all the singers performing throughout the Competition. For them, our final words of recognition for taking part in the event and our best wishes.

We hope to see you in the International Opera Contest as it will be a unique event worldwide that will show a new generation of lyric singers with and amazing performance quality.

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5 thoughts on “International Opera ContestUm coment√°rio em “International Opera Contest

  1. I can’t wait to have an opera experience!

  2. A very creative initiative from Rotary to let many Rotarians get a chance to enjoy opera in Lisbon.

  3. i wish to attend the lovely event. it must be excellent opportunity to see artistic talent of young singers

  4. I would like to know when and where we can hear international opera contest.
    How we register our name in advance?
    Please inform me the detail.

    Koki AOKI
    Sapporo East Rotary Clube

    • All information for the Event and registration form can be found here: /events/

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