“Lisbon, A Harbour for Peace”, the Convention’s Special Fine Art Edition – Order now!

Under the sign of the peace, “Lisbon, a Harbour for Peace”, a special edition for the 104th Rotary International Convention emerges, an emblematic fine art print in limited edition, perpetuating the place of this remarkable event, where Lisbon city elements gain life and represent a real port of Europe, land of all dreams.

Acquiring “Lisbon, a Harbour for Peace” conceived by the artist Silva Palmeira and with the seal of “Centro Português de Serigrafia” (Portuguese Centre for Fine Art Screen Printing), you are also helping Global Polio Eradication Initiative. For each fine art print sold, 100 children will be vaccinated!

Due to the exclusive nature of this 200 limited edition, guarantee your work now by writing your Name and Contact details here!


Pick your fine art print during the event, on CPS booth (Nº 456) in Friendship House.

In partnership with: Lisbon Olivais Rotary Club.


“I paint as I breathe, I love as I live”


Born in 1934, in Santarém (Portugal), Silva Palmeira is a painter, ceramist and sculptor and exhibits since 1957. He’s represented in several national and foreign collections. In 1997 he received, in Paris, the “Mérite et Dévouement Français” silver medal and in 1998 the “Arts – Sciences – Lettres” bronze medal.

In 2006 two exhibitions were organised by Portuguese Centre for Fine Art Screen Printing and Brazil House to celebrate his 50-year career.

His work, mainly landscape painting, contains a visible illustrative part, with figures built in geometrical plans, flat colours, well defined shapes, and light/shadow contrasts switching abruptly.

In Portugal, he’s represented in Civilian Government Offices in Évora and Santarém, Tourism Comission in Nazaré, Angra Heroismo Museum, Sesimbra Gallery in Ritz Hotel (Lisbon), Portimão Gallery (Algarve), Martins Correia Sculptor City Hall Museum (Golegã), Armindo Teixeira Lopes City Hall Museum (Mirandela), Gan Insurance (Lisbon), Madeira Country Press (Funchal), Caixa Geral Depósitos Modern Art Museum (Lisbon), Portuguese Centre for Fine Art Screen Printing (Lisbon), Montepio Geral Bank Collection.

His paintings are also in Montecatini Art Academy (Italy) and Herouet Gallery, Paris (France).

We can also find his work in important international collections in USA, France, Belgium, Italy, Switzerland, Canada, Japan, Germany, Netherlands, Norway, Scotland and England.

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  1. Looking forward to seeing your paintings & maybe bring one home.

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