The Tradeshow Convention, hereinafter “House of Friendship”, will occupy two of the four pavilions of Feira Internacional de Lisboa (FIL) in its entirety of 20.000m2. This represents the heart of the 104th Convention of Rotary International. The remaining pavilions of FIL will be busy with registration of participants, sightseeing tours, group discussion rooms and events. The Friendship House will be open for 5 days – 22 to 26 June 2013.This space is intended to promote the clubs, districts and Rotary projects, networking, merchandising Rotary, dining, tourism and promotion of local and international culture, entertainment and business areas.It is intended in the Friendship House to provide a unique experience for socialization, relaxation and business to all participants of the Convention, while promoting to the world the culture, spirit and Portuguese entrepreneurship.

Hundreds of companies will have their own booth in the House of Friendship. The profile of this convention attendees makes this a perfect place to exhibit your company’s brand and business internationally as well as to perform sales.Acquire a booth for your company or organization; this is an opportunity you cannot miss.
To know more about our special conditions to acquire multiple booths contact us!Useful Documents:
(HOC) IC13 Commercial Application
IC13 Commercial Terms and Conditions

Join this event and the name and image of your company will come directly to a universe of more than 25,000 international professionals, members of Rotary. Your services and products will be associated with an event whose reputation and prestige are internationally recognized by a public of 2.5 million people directly connected to Rotary as well as too many others through social networks and media.

The 104th Rotary International Convention will be a highlight in the Portuguese and international society and your company will be associated not only to this event but also the values of ethics, professionalism and social responsibility that Rotary International represents worldwide.

Several opportunities are available for sponsorship, contact us to know the conditions and proposals we have for you.