The Portuguese Industrial Association

The Portuguese Industrial Association (AIP),  co-promoter of the program “PORTUGAL SOU EU”, will bring products certified with the seal PORTUGAL SOU EU to be present at the 104th Rotary International Convention, in Lisbon. Our aim is to show the products that best contribute to the national economy. The program PORTUGAL SOU EU is a program [...]

“Lisbon, A Harbour for Peace”, the Convention’s Special Fine Art Edition – Order now!

Under the sign of the peace, “Lisbon, a Harbour for Peace”, a special edition for the 104th Rotary International Convention emerges, an emblematic fine art print in limited edition, perpetuating the place of this remarkable event, where Lisbon city elements gain life and represent a real port of Europe, land of all dreams. Acquiring “Lisbon, [...]

International Opera Contest

The International Opera Contest is one of the four Host Events available to all registrants in the Lisbon Convention who wish to enroll. This event will happen in the Teatro Nacional São Carlos, one of the most beautiful theatre rooms in all Lisbon. There you’ll see performances from incredible young lyric singers from all around [...]

Lisboa Rotary Convention Tour 2013

Organised by the Portugal  Chapter of  ACHAFR Executive President: Eduardo Almeida Lopes Av. Poeta Mistral, 6-B 1050 182 Lisboa Portugal Phone: 00351-218436164 Fax: 00351-218488695 e-mail:   Pre-register now ! Classic and Modern car Tour  from  Porto towards  the Rotary Convention Lisboa  2013.   Max: 60 teams. The Tour will start on June 19 after [...]

Railroad Fellowship Post Convention German Model Railroad Trip

This guided tour is a cultural, historical and culinary experience, showing the real face of Germany.  It will focus on model train layouts as well as high speed train transportation.  The tour will also highlight big steam engines at transportation museums, offer stops at (automotive)  museums and a visit to the Mercedes plant. IMPORTANT:  Formal [...]

Business Opportunities – House of Friendship

The House of Friendship (the Convention Business Exhibition), will occupy two of the four pavilions of Feira Internacional de Lisboa (FIL) in its entirety of 20.000 sq. meters. This venue will be the heart of the 104th Convention of Rotary International. The remaining pavilions of FIL will be busy with participants´ registration, sightseeing tours, group [...]