Having a major in psychology is something like a trend today. And just like any trend, it surely isn’t for everyone. So, Cornelia, you may ask, why did you make this choice?

Throughout my high school years, I had no idea what I’d like to do. I did well in most of the school subjects but didn’t love any until I took a psychology class. I played tennis back then and the realization of how the mental aspect is important in the game had captivated me. I absolutely fell in love with the class. So, no wonder that I jumped at the opportunity to enroll at the university psych department. I love it and I feel the energy and desire to help people! Watching their mental processes happening every moment of a day and being so similar yet so unique is breathtaking.

Will you study anything else?

I probably will pair my major in psychology with a minor in neuroscience but this is something to reflect upon.

How being a psychologist is different from any other trade?

Being a psychologist increases my chances of having a flexible work schedule – or even being self-employed. Even if not, there is still plenty of opportunities.

What motivates you?

I’m dead sure that every person I meet on my life path is a professional in something and has a unique story to tell. Devoting my life to working with people, I get a chance to learn that story. The possibility to meet people from all walks of life and help them is what makes me want to open my eyes in the morning.