10 thoughts on “Profile: The Winner of Rotary International Convention 2013 Logo Contest

  1. I´ve had a happy opportunity to work with Madalena Sena a few years ago, at Sonae.
    High skilled technician and a great sense of responsibility made her a great professional with very high standards.
    Wouldn´t hesitate if I had to recommend her word and contribute to any person, company or project.
    All this awards didn´t caught me by surprise. Nor I´ve ever doubted about her ability to turn over life´s bad turns…
    When you are highly committed, focused and determinate… things happen!

  2. Madalena as Rotary fellow and “Covilhanense” it’s a honor to know of your distinction about Rotary International, about your value as an artist, I had already the privilege of see it, particularly when you painted my caricature, in my curse university book. Congratulations!

  3. Greetings from an Indian Rotarian. The design is simple, elegant and descriptive. Congratulations … An excellent choice of logo!!

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