How much time do you spend on your phone daily? If you don’t have an answer to this question because you’re always on your phone or laptop, then you might want to read this article.

We live in a world where all gadgets are always around us when we don’t want to see people face to face anymore because we can call them virtually and see them in HD. I believe that it’s necessary to value the real things that are happening and to try as much as possible to balance out the digital world and the real, human interactions.

How Addicted Are You?

Before making any further decision, you need to be completely honest with yourself. Just think about the amount of time you’re spending on your phone. Is it a lot? Did you skip any human interactions because you preferred to stay connected to the digital world? If the answer to this last question is “yes”, then you might need to go on a digital diet.


Let’s say that even though you spend a lot of time on your phone, you don’t necessarily find it bad for you. Well, you should really think about it and focus on what you could do in that “wasted” time.

Our advice is to make a list, see how much time you spend on Facebook or other social media and ask yourself “why?” – why would you be spending 6 hours on Facebook scrolling down and see how your friends are doing when you can use the technology to actually call them and meet up with them. Wouldn’t that be more convenient for your social life and for your health?

Find Alternatives

“Dieting” is never easy – because you are always drawn by doing the unhealthy thing, right? Well, just as it is when you diet, you find replacements: if you’re craving something sweet, instead of eating chocolate, you can eat a sweet fruit.

When you’re digital dieting, you can try to find replacements for the apps or activities that are keeping you on your phone. For instance, if you love Facebook, you can try to go out more in order to keep up with your friends. If you love Instagram, you can visit a museum; if you enjoy playing FIFA, you might try and actually play football. You can always find alternatives that will help your mind and body.

How to Make it Work

It is highly recommended to set up a schedule. Let’s say that you want to stay on your phone in the morning, before going to work so you set a thirty minutes digital time. After that, try to put your phone away and not use any apps or sites. You can use it after a few hours, on your lunch break. If you’ll set up a schedule, you’ll find out, at some point, that you won’t feel the need to grab your phone every five minutes.

Focus! This is the keyword! Always know what you want: don’t use your gadgets as often as you were.

Imagine that technology never existed. What would you be doing? Spend time with your friends and family, go for a walk, go out, visit museums and art galleries etc. There are so many things you can do if you just ignore the fact that social media and other websites exist.

Final Thoughts

You do need to put your phone down from time to time and try to pay more attention to the things that are in your surroundings. You’ll find yourself happier and more prone to wander into this beautiful world.