Descriptive of Rotary International Convention 2013 Logo

Two simple lines define the boat hull and sail. The leaning of the sail lends a sense of
movement and serenity to the logo. The sail being the propelling force of the silent vessel, its
presence signifies serenity and peace. The Rotary symbol on the left is reminiscent of a helm,
the device that controls the direction of the vessel, and integrates seamlessly the concept as
a whole.

The font and its positioning indicate the venue of the gathering and its organization, and in
the background are complementary items such as the date and description of the event.
The blue, yellow and white colors were chosen as they the Rotary colors and favor a
harmonious chromatic combination. The logo works well on a color background, with or
without framing or bottom. The result is equally positive in black and white monochrome as
well as gray scale.

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