Profile: The Winner of Rotary International Convention 2013 Logo Contest

Madalena Sena was the winner of national contest for Rotary International Convention Lisbon 2013 logo. Madalena won from over 30 universities competing in the design area.

Madalena Sena: The Profile

Was born, raised, lived and studied in Covilhã (Portugal), until the moment of joining the School of Technology of Tomar, where she completed a Bachelor of Technology and Graphic Arts. Initially she worked as a designer in a multinational corporation headquartered in Covilhã, where she receives an invitation to participate in this activity from Israel. Thus, in 1994, works in Tel Aviv as a designer/accouter.

Return to Portugal, one year later and joined the staff of Sonae, where she was responsible for store decoration and marketing for 5 years. In 1999 joins the team of the Journal of Fundão and runs the newspaper cartoons and illustrations together with pagination. In 2002 she moved to the University of Beira Interior, where she works and studies at the same time. Get the degree of Bachelor of Multimedia Design, and two years later, a master’s degree in Fashion Design.

Now she is finishing her PhD in Communication Design. She Works as a Technician in the Faculty of Arts, at UBI, where she is responsible for designing, planning and execution of all graphics for all events on Faculty of Arts. At the same time, she teaches Multimedia Design and supports workshops of Advertising and Public Relations. She´s several hobbies in: graphic arts, illustration, photography, video, web design and fashion design, have provided a dozen awards and honors in the areas of entrepreneurship and design and she holds two national patents in textile design.

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