The Cheapest Beautiful Tourist Places to Visit

Traveling is not the cheapest hobby. Sometimes, seeing how much it costs to go to a certain country makes you give up on traveling altogether. Still, you shouldn’t give up on your dreams.

If you think that you need to travel to get your mind off things, you don’t have to sell your soul. There are some places that are cheaper, and you can enjoy their benefits on a budget. Let’s explore some of them. Traveling is always a risky thing when you are not prepared enough for it, you can read this essay about traveling to found out what more you need to know to travel comfortably.

  1. Cuba

The Caribbean island is one of those places you need to visit at least for once in your lifetime. What’s even better is the fact that it’s not that expensive. You can go to the Varadero Beach and adventure yourself in the blue water. Havana’s salsa clubs are great if you want to have some fun, and you can even go to Santiago’s July carnival.

This place will stay in your mind forever.

  1. Dubrovnik, Croatia

Croatia’s landscapes are hard to resist. Do you like medieval fortresses and monuments? Then Dubrovnik is waiting for you.

Some of the various things that can offer you a great time are the Gothic Rector’s Palace and the St. Blaise Church. Moreover, the medieval fortresses Bokar and Lovrijenac are waiting with open arms. So, what are you waiting for? You should definitely buy tickets.

  1. Trujillo, Peru

Peru is a budget-friendly destination that makes a great vacation spot. It has cultural acceptance and you could learn a lot. Accommodation is pretty cheap, and it can be as low as $65 at the Coastal del Sol Wyndham hotel. Additionally, restaurants don’t ruin your budget either – you can buy food for only $10-15.

You also have the chance to admire the stunning architecture and experience an amazing time on its vibrant beaches.

  1. Fez, Morocco

If you’ve never considered Morocco when it came to traveling, then it was a huge mistake. Fez is the second largest city here, but it is not expensive, and you could easily have fun on a budget.

You also don’t have to spend too much on accommodation or food. A double room in a riad can be only $60, and a tajine dinner about $6.

Architecture is one of the things that will make your holiday worth it, and it also has lively markets and an enchanting souk.

  1. Piran, Slovenia

Beautiful Slovenia is in the heart of Europe and can be your host if you are looking for a great vacation on a budget. It has a variety of things to offer, from mountains to beaches, caves, castles, and even water springs.

Piran, in particular, is a coastal town that offers you fresh and delicious seafood for under $10. Sounds like a dream, doesn’t it? You can climb up to the top of the bell tower and admire the city. Also, if you plan to stay the night, you can stay at Hotel Piran for only $80 a night.

  1. Manaus, Brazil

Brazil is very colorful and has a lot of nature to explore and admire. Manaus in particular lets you stay at Caesar Business Hotel for $63 a night.

With such cheap accommodation, you can stay there for a certain period of time (maybe even longer than you initially planned). It gives you the opportunity to visit many attractions, including the Hotel Tropical zoo, which is free. You can also visit rainforests, waterfalls and the Gruta de Refugio do Maroaga. Don’t miss the chance to see bats and marine life.

Final Thoughts

You don’t need to starve for months to be able to save money for a trip. All you need to do is find a nice and relaxing place that is cheap and has what you seek. Get rid of your worries and explore one of these stunning places.

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