The film of girl interrupted is an American psychological thriller that was acted in the year 1999.It is based on the adaptation of Suzanna Keysens in the year 1993 memoir that took place at the same time. She stays in a mental institution for almost 18 months. James Mangold is the director of the also involves MS Rider who is a character observed to be the one who serves as an executive producer and hungrily digs into the hole of a sick woman who is young who in current parlance regarding therapeutic practices is observed to be acting out as vengeance. Her emotional life is so volatile and this gives her the most screens that penetrate in performance. This is a character that deserves extra credit. The film is all about the story a lady maladaptation to the obstacles of life. It majorly concentrates on a girl who is young named Suzanna Kaysen who grew up in the early 1960s and strive with the globe around her. She is admitted to the institution called Clarmoore after she decides to consume an alcohol that is the pain reliever and whole bottle of aspirin drugs. This is not true for what she undertakes since alcohol is not meant for the pain reliever. Also, the aspirin drugs are drugs that are mainly employed to reduce fever and treat pain or inflammation. It can also be used to cure strokes, chest pain, and heart attacks. Drugs should be taken as administered by the doctor. She went against the rules of medication and later claimed that she had no plans to commit suicide. And with all the facts she tried to commit suicide by taking the whole bottle of Aspirin just because of a headache. She is apprehensive and overwhelmed as she entered the institution and observed the people around her. She is a teenager who is being troubled by the surprising breadth of life experience. This is a problem that most teenagers in our societies pass through. She became proud of her teenage life and therefore she ended up abandoning school. Also, she had engaged in sex affair with high school teacher of English and later attempted to commit suicide. This is quite a common problem that most teenagers do undergo while at teenage life. The emotions do drive an individual until she/he can’t reason out the impact of the actions she/he undertakes. Her emotions also rose up when she was ushered in by a doctor in the hospital. Her character and the scenes that she narrates in the film apparently give a clue of what women are undergoing in our society (Sundari, Siti, and Dwi 15)

She explores and expounds the nature of social conformity and the sanity and the manner in which they relate together. It is a fact that a disease should be diagnosed first before an individual received any treatment. Unlike what Susana has undergone in which she tries to narrate what she underwent though she was sick. She recounts the obstacles that women do undergo in the society. She does not even mind about what she undergoes instead she wants to die like a martyr striving to enlighten whatever the challenges in life that she has endured as a woman. She lacks motivation and experiences depression. Due to the attempt of ending in the suicidal act, she is admitted into a hospital ha deals with psychiatric problems. As she was in the hospital, she met several patients plus who she was in the same room. Her act of trying to take life by committing suicide has landed her in the mental hospital. Suicide is a weird behavior that an individual should not even try to think about. The film is kind of interesting and has rested on conflict or disagreements between the characters to keep dramatic credibility.

There are various challenges that women experience in our societies as they struggle to get a better life. They are discriminated from getting employment, sexually abused and mistreated before they get what they desired (Hansen 13).

Daisy had also undergone or suffering from several mental illnesses originating when her father tried to intimate relationships with her. Lisa intimidated Suzanna because of her sociopathic ways. Suzanna diagnosis is ten revealed to be a personality disorder. She exhibits her defiance and affirms the diagnosis made be the doctor by becoming a sidekick to Lisa’s maniac ways. It is wrong to steal but Suzanna has dragged a nurse to steal the supplies of music which will tend to cheer up Polly. This statement made by Suzanna sound weird since someone who has a psychological problem has attained a position in which she convinces another individual with the same medical condition. She obeyed the command and broke into the doctor’s office at which she saw her records concerning medical treatment and being not compliant with the medications. Sick people especially those with mental problems should be treated well, eat nutritional foods and avoid junk foods, and make a little bit of exercise in order to make their minds busy, physical fitness and avoid stress. This is because in the film Suzanna is observed to be so devastating at sight and it is a fact that the list does not seem to suppose.

Following the return of Lisa from her treatment that is recent against the episode of maniac makes Suzanna elaborate her real dependence on Lisa but accepting and follow Lisa on her escape out of the institution. After the realization of the devastating nature of Suzanna, she has decided to stay at home and concentrates on her recovery.

The Girl interrupted film does clearly draw a clear picture of what is happening in the society. This made Suzanna interact with the patients and what she receives from them rates it from sweet to confrontational, it shows her truly to be a quite woman. A girl named Georgina seems to be similar with several girls who tend to display no signs of illness. The ward in the institutions that are admitted seems to be deceptively calm and cool at times though it was a dormitory instead of a unit of psychiatry with windows barred and the doors locked. It is a fact that when the mental illness appears in girls, it comes in the form of a shock. Therefore Georgina became afraid while visiting the shockingly and wretched Alice Calais. She informed and urged her hospital mates in the ward never to forget what they have perceived and never to let it happen to them again.


Every gender has the opportunity and chance in the society to take part in every society. Guiding and counseling departments in hospitals should play their roles well. They should educate the public about how to avoid stress, avoid heavy work, to be seeking medical attention and check up whenever they feel sick and how to eat healthily and an importance of doing exercise. The film is kind of interesting and it has sexual and profanity situations. Laws and regulations should be set in order to delve and secure the rights of women and men in the society.

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