Majority of people across the world read books for varied reasons. Some read them to gain knowledge. Some people read books for recreational purposes. Others read books for religious purposes while others read books to help them understand a phenomenon. Whatever the reason, the indisputable fact is that people read books every day.

Most people lack the knowledge to write about the book they’ve just read. After familiarizing with the book, you must know how to structure a literary essay on the book you’ve just read. There are simple steps on how you can go about it, below are some:


The introduction to your literary essay is vital as it sets the tone. While writing it, you should ensure that you keep things clear, observational, and ground in text.

A universal statement about the book can introduce a literary essay. Use the basic facts of the book to introduce it to your reader. Mention the genre of the book, whether it is crime fiction or an adventure book. It helps the reader to know the kind of genre they are dealing with. You can also mention the name of the author and their origin.

A body sentence comprising of three to five sentences is then added to introduce your literary essay. Use the sentences that explain your scene and provide support for your thesis statement.

The most important part of your literary essay should not be left out while introducing your essay. You have to employ a thesis statement at the beginning. You claim the book that you can support from the text. Be sure to make it an argument, something that will cause debate to question the credibility of the statement.

Body Paragraphs

The body paragraphs contain your analysis of the book. You provide the facts required to support you`r thesis statement. It is here where the evidence to support your statements are given. The number of body paragraphs varies depending on an essay. A short essay might have only one body paragraph while a longer one might have even ten body paragraphs. Each body paragraph has a mission statement, support, and a closing. If you want to know how should look your essay you can read this “what should an essay look like” article for better knowing of topic.

When writing your literary essay, the mission statement is the specific way in which the evidence from the book supports your thesis.

To support your thesis, you have to write five to seven statements with examples from the book. You should include quotes from the book and show how it supports your hypothesis.

To sum it up all in the body paragraphs, put all your points together by the help of transitional words.


The conclusion in a literary essay shows that you have proven your thesis. It contains a reflection on the book. Body sentences are written to summarize each of your body paragraphs. You then finish it by restating your thesis, adding a sentence about what makes it essential.

Literary essays are more than book reports. They both follow a similar structure but are fundamentally different in quality. A literary essay calls on for more than just an intelligent thought about a book. It is intense and involves quoting, rather than paraphrasing. To write a literary review, you have to read articles written about the book to increase your knowledge about the book. In the end, be sure to credit each source used.

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